Daily Activity Challenge Update


60 days ago I decided to challenge myself to be active every day for an entire year. It sounded so easy 2 months ago, but finding something different to do each day has been difficult. I suppose that I could do the same workout for several days in a row, which would technically count as far as the challenge goes, but that would get so boring (not to mention my Instagram being less cool). Some days I don’t feel like doing anything, or I don’t have the time. Winter has made it tough because it seems like the sun goes down before I can even get home from work, and who wants to go play basketball in the dark? All that has kept me going so far is the commitment I made to post something every day. I mean, what would people think if I didn’t do what I said I would do? At 60 days, that reasoning is wearing thin.

With the possibility of having a disease where the only therapy is physical activity, I have been able to find new meaning in my challenge. I’ve come to realize, over the last 60 days, that it’s not about the working out as much as it’s about making myself do something every day, whether I feel like it or not. Over the next 305 days and, realistically, the rest of my life, being active will be part of my daily routine as a prescription to relieve pain and increase mobility in my arms and legs. And I don’t have to pay the Doctor for an office visit! 🙂

So here’s to the next 60 days, and the 60 after that, repeating for as long as possible.